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International Projects

Pourparlers (Negotiation)

shadow of dancers head & abstract colour projecti onto 2 fabric screenson  image of shadow of dancer standing at rest  dancer running past screens with projected video & shadow reflected in large mirror
Shadows created by video projector and multiple voile screens during dance rehersals with sound samples
I was invited to create work for a performance with a contemporary french choreographer, whilst working as artist in residence at the Djanogly Art Gallery(see exhibitions), which would be performed in Britany and Nottingham. I was invited by Office Departmental Developpement Culturelle des Cotes d'Amor (ODDC) to spend the summer of 2000 as artist in residence at La Maison de Louis Guillioux. During which time I gathered video footage, sound recordings and made work related to my experience of being a stranger, becoming familiar with a place - in relation to Julia Kristeva's 'Stranger to Ourselves'. I was introduced to french choreographer & classically trained dancer Fabienne Compet towards the end of my residency. Neither of us spoke each other's language fluently, however we found a mutual interest in the writings and concepts of Deleuze and Guattari, which became the focus for our 'collaborative' relationship (which became more responsive and reflective due to time and distance). We both wanted to create an intimacy with the audience and to avoid the use of a stage - the creation of a spectacle and Fabienne wanted to explore the potential of improvised dance. We were shown a number of potential venues in the Cotes D'Amor region and selected two very different sites: A purpose built dance studio in a newly built arts centre in Ploufragon and an ancient chapel converted into an art gallery in Guingamp.

dancer lying on floor in dance studio dancer on floor in dance studio seen through transluscent screen Screens with video projection in dance studio, reflected in mirror
Dance studio in Ploufragan

4 voile screens hung in chapel with dancer standing behind audience wandering around chapel - their shadows projected onto voile screens audience wandering around chapel - their shadows projected onto voile screens
Installation and audience during performance in Guingamp         

The work was performed three times in three different venues and was adapted to suit each on, the audience wandered around the space - following the sound, dancer, shadows and video. They became flaneurs exploring the place their bodies intune with the rhythm, occassionally coming into contact with others. The audience and the fabric of the buildings also acted as screens and became part of the performance itself.