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International Projects

Sept 2007 - July 2008

A CoLab project launched to test out the possibilities of working collaboratively within public realm
funded by NAN New Collaborations Awards (Esmee Fairburn), Longhouse, Arts Council County Kern, USA, ACE West Midlands.


Colab spent a month in Weedpatch working with the local community, exploring ways to make art work that reflected the area, its community and to bring together the diverse inhabitants in the lack of ‘public’ space’.

This resulted in a ‘story recording service’, an installation and CD of soundbytes translated into 3 languages – Mixteco, Spanish and American, symposium and event in Weedpatch California and subsequently to ‘Translating Weedpatch’ a collective narrative edited and woven together by Heather Connelly.

The project was disseminated across the East and West Midlands through a number of events, exhibitions, workshops, presentations and discussions in conjuction with Architecture Week, Longhouse, Making the Connections: arts, migration and diaspora regional network.

Telegraph pole on Main Street Weedpatch, California


A video/sound installation for Contemporary Dance performance funded by ACE East Midlands, Office Departmental Developpement Culturelle des Cotes d'Amor (ODDC) in association with the Lakeside, University of Nottingham.


The installation was based upon investigative work made during a six week residency at La Maison de Louis Guillioux, St Brieuc, Brittany.

The work comprised of a 40 minute video and sound piece - 2 video projections, 4 screen & 4 sound tracks with improvised dance performance by French choreographer Fabienne Compet. The audience wandered amongst the work, during the performance: following the dancer, the shadow or the sound; navigating the space acting like strangers becoming familiar with the terrain. The placement of the diaphanous screens and audio were altered to suit each venue.

The work was performed in a converted chapel in Guingamp, and a dance studio in a cultural centre in Ploufragon, Brittany and at Lakeside Arts Centre, University of Nottingham.

Image of a shadow of a dancer on voile screens
Dancer's Shadow