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Creative Regeneration Programme

Groundwork East Midlands 2004-7
children druming on Kirk Hallam Allotments with people queing for food at gazebo in background rupert clamp talking to walk participants pointing to bolsover castle in distance with green feild of unknown crops infront photograph of projected tree on outside of broadway building with street visible and skip infront
photograph by Kit Anderson photograph by Ian Dearman photograph by Andrew Robinson
'Harvest Moon' community event on Kirk Hallam Allotments coordinated by Ann Marie Culhane -
part of Hidden Worlds programme
'Antarctic Adventure' an art walk by Rupert Clamp in Bolsover during Architecture Week 2007-
part of the Wandering Programme.
'Tree' an interactive light installation by Simon Heijdens projected onto the side of broadway Cinema, Nottingham - part of the Engaging Places Programme.

Creative Regeneration Programme

In 2004 Groundwork East Midlands was awarded £96,000 from Arts Council to develop an arts strategy that aimed to embed a creative ethos into the core work of the Trusts over three years.

I was employed as Lead Artist to work with the five trusts within the region, Derby & Derbyshire, North Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Creswell, Newark, Sherwood and Ashfield and Greater Nottingham and devised an art strategy known as the Creative Regeneration Programme (CRP) along with Brigid Howarth (co-ordinator) and five consultant artists: Rupert Clamp, Ann-Marie Culhane, Jayne Murray and Andrew Robinson.

The aim was to create a sustainable approach to integrate high quality contemporary arts into Groundwork’s projects and the CRP developed into a capacity building programme that worked closely with Groundwork staff to offer training, mentoring, research and development support for projects. I was involved in writing project proposals and grant applications between £5,000 - £50,000 and the CRP leveraged more than £170,000 of direct arts funding for projects throughout the region.

The CRP engaged with regional agencies, councils and various partners and worked with over 50 artists, creating an impressive portfolio of projects ranging from dance, interactive light installations, performance, films, feasts and ceramics to permanent works, publications and public art schemes. Working with practitioners who are nationally and internationally renowned as well as creating opportunities for emerging regional artists.

‘Engaging Places -The impact of Groundwork East Midlands’ Creative Regeneration Programme’ – was published in December 2007 to serve as a legacy of the achievements of this three-year Arts Council funded programme and as an inspiration for the future potential of working within across the regeneration field. The accompanying DVD features specially commissioned films and documentaries of some of the projects undertaken alongside further information about each artist and images of work produced.


Image of people playing pooh sticks at launch of Bridge
 poly tunnel decorated with folliage, with wooden table and food in centre
Image of bunting on Long Eaton high street
photograph by Kate Dyer photograph by Heather Connelly photograph by Sans Facon
Belper Park Bridge by Jo Dacombe.
Intervention by Ann Marie Culhane during the 'Hidden Worlds' event on the Windmill Allotments
in Bobbersmill, Nottm.
'Namesake' - intervention by Sans Facon in Long Eaton, Derbys.

The C
RP focused upon delivering projects that related to the following themes:

  • Hidden Worlds      –  Arts on allotments and green spaces

  • Engaging Places   –  Site-specific projects within the built environment

  • Wandering          -  Art walks, pathways and nomadic projects throughout the region

Visit Action Research projects to see more indepth information of some of the projects that I led
Image of a path of glow sticks in park with city lights glowing in background
Image of tree scultures with youths climbing/sitting on them
image of giant foot projected on side of council house
photograph by Kate Dyer photograph by Tom Grimsey  photograph by Andy Eathorne
Creative Consulation event led by Jayne Murray to feed into the plans for the regeneration of West Glebe Park, North Northants. programme. 'Two Spinneys' by Tom Grimsey installed in West Glebe park. Commission resulting from Heritage Lottery bid derived from previous consultation exercise 'Feet on the Ground' - projection of contemporary dance video made in the local area exploring the vernacular architecture, surfaces, nooks and crannies of a particular area in Radford, inner city Nottingham.

Click here for information on Groundwork or visit www.groundworkeastmidlands.org.uk