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John Street, Sheffield 2003

group exhibition featuring the work of Matt Butt, Heather Connelly, Manica Karlson, Carol Kavanagh, Marcus Gaudoin, Dominic Mason, Christina Misuraca, Bev Stout, Mary Sutton

  photograph of speaker no in warehouse - with radiator and painted wallphoto of speaker in situ next to wooden stairs and B & W photographs exhibited by Marcus Gaudoinspeaker hidden in large silver pipe next to steep wooden stairs above small stro light - Mary Sutton's installation
  photograph of wooden stairs where speaker was placedManica Karlson's instalation - oragnge and green perspex in wooden frame, with speaker on back wallPhotograph of Cristina Misuraca's installation of minature cardboard buildings upon stacked wood - with speaker underneath  
     Listen to sound sample
Transverse 2003

An eight-track sound piece made in response to an industrial building, which consisted of a disembodied female voice describing various cities and places as it moved from speaker to speaker. The descriptions offered to temporarily locate the audience, elsewhere but immediately confused them with details and impossible directions to follow.
The 8 speakers were distributed throughout the space, situated next to and amongst other artists work. This invited the viewers to navigate and negotiate the whole space/exhibition. These fragmented texts formed narratives through spatial and temporal relationships, dependent upon the viewer’s engagement and position within the space.

The female voice continued regardless of anybody’s presence, seductively describing what she observes.


Image of doorway construcded out of chip board - entrance to Transfix installation   Cream directors chair- seat glowing - for audience to sit in
             Listen to sound sample

Transfix - 2003

An open doorway invited the viewer to enter. A solitary chair, centrally placed, lits the room and offered a place to rest, to sit and to contemplate. Transverse provided a comfort zone with a mesmerizing but unsettling soundtrack. The sound resonated and surrounded the individuals; difficult to place. (It is a recording, taken in my back yard, of the severe weather warning system being tested in small town America.) The use of artificial light, grass and manipulated sound plays around with notions of space, place, expectation and reality.