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Conferences and Other Activities



Art in Translation

International conference on language and the Arts

University of Iceland, Reykjavik

May 2010

A multi-modal, interdisciplinary conference exploring translation. Featuring performances, keynote speakers, exhibitions and panels.

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Image of the Icelandic Landscape through coach window

Culture in Mediation: Total Translation, Complementary Perspectives

Semiotics conference at the University of Tartu, Estonia

November 2010

A predominantly academic conference, held in honour of Peeter Torop, Professor of Semiotics of Culture, 'one of the most notable representatives of modern translation studies and semiotics of culture in Estonia and his theory of total translation as well as publications on cultural semiotics have attracted attention and recognition internationally.'

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and Speaking through the Voice of Another III for an outline of the work produced on my research page.



image of speaker delivering talk by video

Bruce Osimo's presentation by DVD in Tartu History Museum


Travelling Languages: Culture, Communication and Translation in a Mobile World

10th Annual Conference of the International Association of Languages and International Communication, University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University

December 2010

An Inter-disciplinary conference that sought to 'interrogate the role of intercultural communication of languages in the inevitable moment of the encounter which arises in all forms of motion.' It invited research papers that explored amongst other things 'hospitality and languages of welcome', 'tourist encounters' and 'communicating with the other' and 'mobility, practices and performances of translation.'

I delivered a presentation about my research and showed the project I had just completed in Estonia. I also used the conference as a way of making ontact with interested parties and furthering my research through conversations with translators, academics and speakers of other languages.





image of alison phipps performing

Alison Phipps delivering her performative paper

Other Activities